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The Right Agency Is Priceless: Kids Act LA

25 Jan 17 - 05:31

Invest in Yourself
So you want to be a model, but you don't want to get caught in a wrong. That there are dishonest agencies out there is well known; what's tougher sometimes is figuring out how to avoid losing your money while chasing a dream. There are certainly ways to tell who's on your side, though.
Good, fully licensed agencies have been around long enough to know how to help you without taking all your money. They'll have clients you've actually heard of, names that trust the agency enough to work with them. But that's not to say there won't be costs. One of the first is in working with the agency to get model composites made. These are your business cards, and they're a necessary expense in order for the agency to begin finding you jobs.
Developing Your Talents
Among all the other talents an aspiring model or actor must develop, perhaps the most important is a strong work ethic. The ability to be confident and charismatic, combined with that particular drive, is what separates the career-minded from the hobbyists. It's true of any industry, certainly, and more so when you are the product.
What kind of work is it going to be for you, then? Print ads, radio voiceover, and runway? Or will it be television, film, music videos? This is where it gets fun; thinking about what fits you, and what you fit. It's possible you're good at everything, certainly, in which case you'll want to work with the agency to figure out a course of action.
Real People Needed
Finding the right face for a job can seem like a mysterious thing. But talent agencies aren't always looking for some exotic face from some exotic country to send to casting directors. They're looking for real people to be models and actors, the kinds of faces you see every day. And whether you're young or old, professional or not, there may well be a spot for you out there somewhere. It takes a bit of looking in the mirror and thinking about where exactly you want to put that face. Or that voice. Or those hands. You know, depending.
What a business, right? There's so much to keep in mind, but then, that's why you find the right talent agency early on. It's much easier with them on your side. From the model composites to the casting directors to the auditions, there's a lot of preparation going into the work, but at some point, the cameras are on you, and you do what you worked so hard to do.
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